Terms & Conditions

Our philosophy is to provide a stress free, relaxing grooming experience for all dogs. Your pet’s safety and comfort are our priority. We will not perform any procedure that causes pain or a level of stress we deem excessive. Throughout the appointment your pet is always in the care of a member of our team.

1. Health: My pet(s) is fit, healthy and free of any contagious diseases. I have advised Woof Wash & Groom of any medical, physical or behavioural issues such as allergies, sensitivities and pre-existing conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, prior surgeries, joint or hip issues, warts, moles, ear infections or skin problems. I understand that if I have a rescue dog, nervous dog or senior dog, my pet may have a higher risk of adverse reactions to grooming & potential levels of stress. Woof Wash & Groom will not be responsible where such unfortunate events occur.

2. Injuries: Woof Wash & Groom does all that it can to avoid injury but occasionally accidents can happen or health issues become apparent that require urgent medical attention. In the event of an emergency, I give permission for treatment to be given by the vets used by Woof Wash & Groom which are local to the salon.

3. Vaccinations: All my pet(s) vaccinations, flea and worming medications are up to date. These vaccinations include Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Canine Parainfluenza Virus, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Kennel Cough and Leptospirosis. Woof Wash & Groom will not groom any dogs not up to date with their vaccinations. Our salon is regularly disinfected and cleaned between each dog and at the end of the day and we aim to keep each customer separate, however we are not responsible for any illness or disease that your dog may come in to contact with.

4. De-Matting and Shaving:

If your dog(s) cannot be humanely de-matted without causing stress, we will contact you to ask permission to shave them entirely in order to start over with the coat. If we are unable to contact you we will place the welfare of your dog before vanity and remove the matting as necessary. A matted coat can cause numerous health conditions including itching, irritation and skin conditions, therefore shaving is best for the wellbeing of your dog. Removing a heavily matted coat has risks of small cuts and abrasions. Heavy matting can also trap moisture near the pet’s skin allowing fungus or bacteria to grow causing skin irritations that exist prior to the grooming procedure. Woof Wash & Groom is not responsible for any pre-existing conditions due to a matted coat.

5. Behavioural Issues: Woof Wash & Groom will always endeavour to create a calm and relaxing environment for your pet. However, some dogs may be uncomfortable with the grooming process due to previous experiences or other reasons. Therefore, Woof Wash & Groom may require the use of a muzzle and/or restraint for both the dog and groomers’ safety. Woof Wash & Groom reserves the right to refuse service prior, during or following a groom.

6. Appointments and Cancellations/No Show Policy: To reserve an appointment for your dog, you will be required to pay a deposit or the full value of the groom which confirms your booking with us. Any balance payable will be taken when you come to collect your dog. If you need to change your appointment to an alternative date, your deposit will be transferred to your new appointment time. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the appointment the deposit is non refundable. If you fail to show up to your appointment without having given prior notice your deposit will be forfeited.

7. Sitting Fee: Owners must collect their pet(s) at the time stated. Woof Wash & Groom will provide a time for collection and/or contact the owner approximately 20 minutes before the pet(s) is ready. We will allow a 15 minute window after the agreed collection time, without charge. After that, a late collection fee will be charged in addition to the groom at £5 for every 30 minutes that has elapsed.  

8. Photographs: We will always ask permission if we can take photographs of your pet(s). All photos taken of your pet(s) while at our facility are the property of Woof Wash & Groom and may be used in promotional material, including but not limited to print, video and internet, with your consent.